SEO for an Irvine Psychiatrist

Shaheen Adibi SEO work for Irvine Psychiatrist Can H. Tang

This is a project a recently completed for a great psychiatrist down in Irvine California. The original site was already in place, but I brought improvements to the sites clarity, SEO practices, mobile readiness, and issues with contact forms. Best of all I managed to get the page to load twice as fast, with more than two and a half times less data transferred to the end user. You can check out the improvements yourself at IrvinePsychiatrist.com.

NAMI: Clackamas County


This is a WordPress site I recently completed for the local Clackamas County chapter of the National Alliance for Mental Illness. Before this their Web presence looked dated and Web content was unreliable to update, all factors which made it hard for them to serve their target community. I worked directly with the Executive Director and the Marketing & Outreach Director to create a site tailored to their needs. With a clean and modern aesthetic it is now easy for them to provide information and help when it matters. The site is still being perfected, but is up at namicc.org.

CALI: Centro De Ayuda Legal Para Inmigrantes


This was the first site I ever had live and, although its remodeling is in the works. CALI’s website showcases many of the underlying design principals I still carry and continue to perfect. This site was part of a project for a non-profit which had never had any type of Web presence before. As such I worked with everyone in the organization, from the Receptionist to the Executive Director, to tailor a site to their needs. Additionally I provided advise as to the creation of relevant content, proofread material, and translated the site into Spanish.